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The AVO Turboworld Range of High Performance parts and accessories represents the highest level of innovative performance parts engineering. AVO Turboworld offers a 3 month conditional Warranty covering against faults caused by manufacturing defects. AVO Turboworld cannot extend this warranty coverage to any such non AVO Turboworld items such as engine and drivetrain parts.

Conditional Product Warranty Terms

1) Turbochargers
3 Months for all direct replacement and AVO Turboworld bolt-on turbo kits fitted by authorised AVO Turboworld agents or their representatives.
This Warranty covers only manufacturing defects and is conditional on inspection by AVO Turboworld or a nominated authorised agent. Note: AVO Turboworld Warranty is void for any non-factory or non-AVO Turboworld recommended boost level.

2) AVO Turboworld Bolt-On Kit Components
3 Month Warranty against manufacturing defects only.

3) Electronics
3 Month Warranty against manufacturing defects only.

4) Blow-Off Valves
3 Month Warranty against manufacturing defects only.

5) Intercoolers and Bare Intercooler Cores
3 Month Warranty against manufacturing defects only.

6) Suspension Components
3 Month Warranty against manufacturing defects only.

6) Exhaust Components
3 Month Warranty against manufacturing defects only.

Standard Warranty Terms
a) AVO Turboworld Kits are designed on US delivered vehicles and any performance data advertised relates to US specification cars. (Unless noted otherwise by AVO Turboworld)

b) AVO Turboworld will NOT pay for modifications to adapt any AVO Turboworld product to a Non-US specification vehicle. It is possible with prior arrangement with AVO Turboworld to have alterations made to such parts to your own specification, on receipt of a sample part, with the understanding that any re-tooling or pattern making costs are at your own expense.

c) AVO Turboworld is not responsible for labour incurred through making good manufacturing defects.

d) AVO Turboworld is not responsible for materials used in making good manufacturing defects.

e) AVO Turboworld is not responsible for engine damage due to computer reprogramming supplied by AVO Turboworld. (All products / Kit installations involving custom tuning / Add-On engine management modules must be checked in operation for the absence of detonation and correct air-fuel-ratios at time of installation on a Dynometer / Rolling Road.

f) AVO Turboworld is not responsible for any additional tuning of engine management products due to differences in Market, Model or alterations to kit specifications. AVO Turboworld will assist / provide advice on re-tuning where required, on the understanding that any additional costs may be borne by you.

g) All AVO Turboworld products are for Off-Road purposes only, unless stated otherwise by AVO Turboworld. On such products that are EPA / CARB certified, supporting documentation is available on request.

h) All AVO Turboworld parts have a specific purpose for which they were designed and manufactured. Any attempt to retrofit or modify an AVO Turboworld product from its original form will immediately invalidate warranty.

i) The warranty does not apply to damage caused by collision, incorrect fitment, driver abuse, or if the vehicle is used for racing, rallying, or any type of timed or judged event.

j) AVO Turboworld recommends that insurance be purchased with freight to cover accidental damage in transit as shipping damage is not covered by AVO Turboworld.

For All Warranty Claims the product in question must be returned to AVO Turboworld or Authorised representative (At customer’s expense) for inspection. Contact AVO Turboworld or Authorised agent for information on return procedure.

All care for correct supply is taken in accordance to vehicle listings and or documentation available to AVO Turboworld or authorized agent, however, in the case of vehicle manufacturers running changes to vehicle specification, the responsibility for correct fitment rests with the installer, or whoever has access to the subject vehicle. Checks to ensure that the parts are fitting correctly should be made at all stages of the installation.

There are no warranties, which extend beyond the descriptions on the face hereof. AVO Turboworld or Authorised agent cannot be held responsible for incidental and consequential damages, property damage or personal injury damage to the extent permitted by law.

AVO Turboworld Warranty Policy Procedure

For All Warranty Claims submit a claim for a AVO Turboworld product under this Warranty Policy, the customer must: (1) fully and accurately fill out the AVO Turboworld ; and (2) provide AVO Turboworld with a copy of an original sales receipt indicating that you are the original Purchaser of the AVO Turboworld Product for which the claim is being submitted. In addition, (3) Photos, if requested by AVO Turboworld, you must also send the AVO Turboworld Product for which a claim is being made, all transportation expenses prepaid, to AVO Turboworld.

AVO Turboworld Warranty paperwork can be downloaded here:

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