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New Mufflers for 2010 Liberty!


New Mufflers for 2010 Liberty!


Part Number:S2C07K3HA002T


2010 Tsukuba Hypermeet

Read more...2010 HyperMeet at Tsukuba - Evo vs. STI

Let's get this out of the way first. See that thing that Ross's daughter is holding up? That's right, a podium finish in the 5 lap battle (3rd place), and we were the fastest Impreza in that as well. And, I think, the fastest Impreza of the day. Yes, it was a good 2010 Hypermeet.


2009 HyperRev Tsukuba Super Battle

Read more...2009 HyperRev Tsukuba Super Battle at Tsukuba Circuit

This is basically the wrap up to the year in motorsports within Japan, the big last time attack. And the AVO widebody STI is entered this year, going toe to toe with the hottest tuner cars throughout Japan. Not just Subaru's and Evo's, this is against everything - Skyline GT-R's from the R32 to present, S2000's, Silvia's. The Works.

We've got a couple of tricks up our sleeve for this contest. One is over 500 ft/lbs of torque. Way over, to be exact. The other is Yoshihiro Yoshida, Prova's ace driver.


Fuji Speedway Time Attack

Read more...It's hard to pass up invitations from a Japanese magazine to participate in a time attack event, especially when you have a race-prepped widebody STI sitting in the shop that's ready to go. So after receiving just such an invite from the biggest tuner magazines in Japan, Option/RevSpeed, it felt kind of mandatory to go. That's was our story, at least.

The downside of such events, however, is getting there. Traffic is never good, and usually is heavily on the Worst side of the railroad tracks. There are ways to handle this, one that is especially popular with our shop manager Esumi. It's a simple, effective plan. It's called getting up at 3am in the morning and driving to the circuit. This reduces traffic on the roads to merely heavily crowded, as opposed to "Stop, stop and sometimes go for next 20 miles".
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