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West Coast Subaru Show 11

Read more...The West Coast Subaru Show is a fantastic annual Subaru lovefest put on by Tex and the rest of his crew in late summer. Held at the Skamania County Fair Grounds between Friday, August 28th till Sunday the 30th, it's a little gathering that grew to epic proportions. This year, over 220 cars were pre-registered for the show. When I arrived at 9am on Saturday, it looked as if the majority of those cars were there.

I got set up from early on, but it took a little time for people to start stumbling in to the event all - literally. From all reports, the parties went on well into the early morning on Friday night. Between the rampant alcoholism and late night impromptu fireside karaoke attacks, few people actually got much sleep. Not a worry, by 10am everybody was starting to get some feeling in their faces again, and the entertainment of the day was awaiting them.

AVO 30kW package for Australia

Read more...Today we did the AVO 30kW package on a customer car at the Melbourne, Australia shop. This car included the AVO 30KW package with a AVO Flex joint Up-pipe tuned on 95 octane. As you can see the boost pressure was not raised - so how did we make the power??

With the Subaru one of the biggest gains to be had is with a good Turbo-back exhaust system, as the stock system is quite restrictive. That OEM stock was holding the beast back due to the 6-8psi of back pressure that it has. The AVO TBE with a cast nickel-iron outlet with a wastegate splitter and AVOs 200 cell per inch High-flow metal-strain cat converter removes that back pressure, that is where we gained the power without upping the boost.

Project JSP GT

Read more...Read more...Magazine article about setting up a 2004 Legacy GT twinscroll (aka the Liberty in Australia). Features an install of an AVO Power Air Intake and Silicone Inlet pipe along with before and after dyno charts.

New Outback XT Mufflers install video

Read more...New from AVO is a set of dual mufflers made specifically for the 2005-2009 Outback. These photos are of the pre-production units that will be used for testing. They are made of high-quality stainless steel and will bolt up to a stock mid-pipe system or the AVO 3" mid-pipe for the Outback XT. We have just done the test-fit of the new mufflers as well, and included a short video of them on a stock Outback XT with standard mid-pipe and downpipe.

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