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01/09 - Fitting instructions updates

Read more...The Fitting Guides continue to be updated with the latest products from AVO. Brand new are fitting instructions for the 2005-2009 Legacy GT and Outback XT Cold Air Box , which will be available from our dealers and distributors very soon. Next up is the 2005-2009 Turbo Legacy and Outback Front Underbody Brace fitting instructions - while it's generally a simple install, there is some good tips for making it even easier to get in! Updated is our instructions for the Lower Control Arm [CAB] bushing . There has been many questions on how to orient the offset bushings correctly, so we have put in a new illustration to explain it better. Finally, the instructions for installing our 245 l/hr hi-flow Fuel Pump for the latst Legacy, Impreza, and Forester models has also been updated to make some parts of it clearer.

IN FOCUS: 2009 Forester XT

Read more...The 2009 Forester is the most recent vehicle released by Subaru, and has had a big impact in the market. Sales are quite high for this vehicle, with new buyers attracted to the increased interior space, fresh exterior design and practical abilities of this full-time AWD "sport ute". Or call it a softroader if you wish. But the grip of the AWD system is fairly serious, and the XT models with the turbocharged 2.5-liter can certainly scoot.


Twinscroll Project - Sneak Peek

Read more...Here is a sneak peek at our first project for 2009! Testing of the new ball-bearing AVO Twinscroll Turbocharger!

This initial test unit will be loosely based around our single-scroll AVO450 design. It will be fitted to the AVO widebody race car with the 2.5-liter Cosworth engine, as we have full data on the performance of single-scroll ball-bearing AVO turbochargers with that engine.


Front Underbody Brace for Legacy, WRX, Forester

Read more...The elves at the workshop have been busy making new toys for your car! (Sure, they may be a bit big and mean-looking Australian elves...) Latest and greatest from the R&D group is our underbody suspension brace for the 05+ Legacy, 08+ WRX, and 09+ Forester. Constructed from strong, yet light steel, it offers a rigidity edge over other underbody braces constructed from aluminum. The additional strength also allows for us to make adequete space for fitting, or working on, your downpipe. No more removing the underbody brace to get at it!
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