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Subaru Crosstrek XV Turbocharger Kit!

Read more...Looking for more performance from your Crosstrek XV? So was AVO Turboworld! We love this bestseller from Subaru, but were disappointed in the available engine choices. It really should have gotten the turbocharged motor from the WRX, but Subaru decided not to. So there was only one thing to do!

AVO Turboworld has drawn upon it's extensive history in turbocharger kits to design this low mounted, high response turbocharger kit what will increase engine output nearly 100%! The XV is a great chassis in search of more power, and that is what we deliver! Similar to our popular turbocharger kit for the BRZ and FR-S, it is mounted underneath the engine, very similar to the factory setup of the new WRX. This short runner setup maximizes boost response and minimizes lag, providing the torque the car craves. Even better, it restores that Boxer Rumble that Subaru's are famous for! The AVO Turbocharger kit is designed to work with both RHD and LHD models in all countries.


AVO DBW Throttle Controller

Read more...The latest product from our R&D team is here! The AVO DBW (Drive By Wire) Throttle Control unit is a neat bit of electronics that gives you a variety of power and economy settings for your DBW vehicle.

It arrived in the mail on Friday afternoon, about 30 minutes before we were to take our 2007 Subaru Outback to a big event! Luckily it takes all of about 10 minutes to install (provided you follow the instructions). Setting it up for the car did not take that long at all. While it's not going to magically wring 50whp out of the car, it did improve throttle response immensely in the Power mode (Po6 was the best compromise on this particular vehicle).



New Subaru STI 2008 Top Mount Intercooler


AVO Turboworld is proud to announce the new STI TMIC

Part number:SDF07G94A001T


New AVO380 Turbochargers!

Read more...AVO Turboworld is proud to announce the new AVO380 v2!



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