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New! AVO FMIC for Subaru Legacy and Outback

Read more...Heat is the enemy. Heat saps performance, reduces engine life, and in extreme cases, can kill your motor. The AVO Front Mount Intercooler for your Legacy GT, Legacy Spec B, and Outback XT is the solution. Whenever you turn up the boost to get more power out of your turbocharged vehicle, increased amounts of heat and pressure is generated. One of the biggest bottlenecks is tiny and cheaply made stock intercooler. And even upgraded top mount intercoolers can quickly reach their flow limits, and suffer from heat-soak, an unavoidable situation created by the TMIC sitting on top of a hot engine while the car is not moving. The best answer to both problems is a front mounted intercooler. Back pressure in the system is lowered because of the larger intercooler core design made possible by the space available in the front of the car. And heat soak is not a problem as the FMIC is not sitting on top of a hot engine!

2007 Evo vs STI vs AVO Legacy Hypermeet

Read more...AVO Legacy GT at the 2007 Hypermeet

The Evo vs. Subaru Hypermeet was held on April 1st this year, but the tale of tragedy started the Thursday before. That is when we had finished all the suspension tuning, had the S tyres and wheels prepared, and were sitting down on the dyno for the final tune. With the new AVO silicone intake pipe fitted, larger injectors, and the new AVO FMIC, we were prepared for some record numbers out of the car. We are all more than a little tired though, as we had also just finished up with the AVO widebody STI race car - it has been many a sleepless night the last week...


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