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New AVO GTX55 Turbocharger!

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AVO's big ball-bearing GTX turbocharger for the Subaru Impreza WRX and WRX STI is here!


With it’s large Garrett GTX CHRA matched to a newly designed Stainless Steel Exhaust Housing and Aluminium Anti-Surge Compressor Cover with 3” Inlet, this turbocharger will put down some serious numbers. Our number one goal for this turbocharger was boost response, and we’ve achieved this! On a Subaru EJ25 engine we have achieved 25psi of boost before 3500rpm!

The AVO GTX55 utilizes a Garrett GTX ball-bearing CHRA, which is water-cooled and oil-lubricated for maximum reliability. Our turbochargers have been designed to perform in the harshest conditions possible, and have been tested in them as well. AVO products are not designed to be as reliable as OEM - they are designed to be much better than OEM. Our new Stainless Steel exhaust housings ensure your turbo will go the distance.

This Turbocharger is designed to fit the 2008+ Impreza STI. It can be retrofitted to fit the 2001~2008 Impreza WRX and STI models. The AVO GTX55 comes with all the necessary fittings and a full 3" Silicone Inlet Pipe!




AVO GTX55 Performance Edge

As the figures demonstrate, this is a serious turbo that ramps up quite quickly despite its size, thanks to AVO’s engineering and the ball-bearing design. On the street it is seriously quick, and will surprise many a supercar! This dyno chart is from the AVO GTX55 on the AVO STI, fitted with the AVO FMIC, an AVO TBE, intake, TGV deletes, fuel pump and injectors. That is 353kW at the wheel, and 705NM of torque! As you can see from the  chart, we made 473whp and 520ft/lbs of torque on our STI!


The GTX Advantage

10%+ Higher pressure ratio compared to traditional GT compressor wheel designs
Forged, fully machined wheels (billet) for expedited release
11 Full-blade design for improved efficiency and ultra quiet operation

Stainless Steel Turbine Housing and Wastegate

The AVO GTX55 turbo uses an extra-large, newly designed internal wastegate with a 33mm Inconel Flapper Valve. The AVO turbine housing is designed for maximum flow with an internally wastegated housing, as we run the largest wastegate flapper valve possible to reduce chances of boost creep in high horse power engines.

The quality of the AVO turbine housing is far above the rest, with hundreds of hours invested into R&D to ensure the performance of our new 309 Stainless Steel casting.

The turbine housing is ceramic coated for superior heat performance under the toughest of conditions.


Compressor Cover and A/R

AVO Compressor covers have been specially designed for maximum flow and response. In our quest for maximum performance and reliability, we only use the highest quality castings and finish off our covers with 5-axis CNC machining to maintain the precision necessary for a high performance Turbocharger. 
While compressor performance is not as sensitive to changes in A/R, they do still have some influence on performance. We have made sure to created the best size for optimal performance with this new 11-blade turbine wheel.



The AVO Billet 15PSI boost actuator gives it a more controlled boost response while ensuring boost is maintained at a preset PSI level, resulting in increased torque and hp. The AVO Billet actuator delivers constant boost all the way to redline and beyond. As an extremely safe, reliable and effective means of raising your boost level, the actuator comes with a minimum spring pressures of 15 psi and is adjustable for higher boost levels.



AVO only uses the highest quality fittings with our ball-bearing turbochargers, as we are serious about reliability under the harshest of conditions. They include the turbo spacer, Inconel studs, and a braided oil line.

Additional Parts Supplied

This turbocharger comes with a 3” wire-reinforced 5-ply silicone inlet pipe that is designed to fit with this turbocharger.


Optional Equipment

Option 1: If you will be running a top mount intercooler, we have a specially designed Y-pipe kit designed specifically for this turbocharger.
Option 2: If you will be fitting a front mount intercooler kit, we have a 45 degree silicone reducer.


TGV Deletes

To fit this turbocharger you will need TGV Deletes (PN: S2300G4N2001J). This is due to the large 3" inducer, key to the extreme performance advantage of this turbocharger.
The AVO TGV Delete is a direct replacements for the entire standard TGV assembly. Not only does it remove the Tumble Generator Valve, it’s also been designed to give more space for larger turbochargers, such as the AVO GTX55.